Pink Eye Treatment

If you have been searching for over the counter pink eye treatments, you have come to the right place. We have the latest information about eyeglass prescription treatment for pink eye that can be done at home. Keep reading to learn more about these home remedies for treating and relieving the symptoms of pink eye, which are also referred to as, conjunctivitis.

There are three main forms of this infection including, bacterial conjunctivitis, which causes extreme redness and soreness as well as, a thick yellow discharge. The best eye drops to use for this form of the condition would be Rx or prescription antibiotic eye drops that have been prescribed by a doctor. However, the second form of the infection is a viral form, which causes watery, red eyes that are sore with a clear, white discharge and possibly blurred vision, and over-the-counter medications can be taken with viral conjunctivitis. Typically, this form disappears after a while; however, easing the symptoms is sometimes necessary and the use of over-the-counter lubricating eye drops will help. Try Similasan Pink Eye Relief eye drops to soothe the symptoms of this viral infection. The allergic form of conjunctivitis is probably the most typical cause of itchiness, watery, and redness in the eyes. This form is not contagious and helpful medications are available to ease the symptoms many people experience during the spring and fall months or sometimes all year long. Helpful antihistamine eye drops with a high lubrication factor will help ease symptoms. This form of the eye condition can be aided with the use of antihistamines designed for allergies including, Claritin and Zyrtec. Histamine blockers like, Benadryl is another helpful option and if symptoms persist or become more severe, it might be necessary to schedule an appointment with the doctor.
Pink eye home treatment is a great way to relieve the symptoms caused by this condition including watery, itchy eyes and drainage without needing a prescription from the doctor. One helpful method of relieving the symptoms of this irritating eye infection involves the use of a warm compress, which can be held against the eyes and/or used to gently wipe the eyes to remove crusty or watery discharge.

Some options of treatment of pink eye work well to soothe symptoms for one form and not another. The bacterial form of this condition may also be treated with antibiotic ointment or drops; however, this treatment method does not work with any other form of conjunctivitis. Over-the-counter drops help to relieve redness and irritation, unless the condition is bacterial form.

At home treatments will help to save money, however, if the condition worsens, vision gets worse, or the bacterial or allergic form is still untreatable after five days of continuous treatment, you may need to see a doctor. We have explained the best ways to soothe and relive symptoms over the counter pink eye treatments.